Example of what you will learn with this Book

  • Boost Your Marketing Strategy

    For a video to be successful, it is critical that your video and marketing strategies are aligned so that you can communicate a consistent message.

  • Which video has the maximum impact?

    You will learn how to to apply my proven formula to work out which type of video is going to give you the maximum return on your investment.

  • Popular Social Media Videos

    Whilst YouTube is the leading video platform there has been massive growth in other social media formats in particular Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Vine.

  • Video Testimonials Means More Sales

    Video testimonials are easy to create and are one of the most effective ways of increasing your sales, both online or offline. Learn easy customer testimonial strategies.

  • Deliver Presentations to Camera like a Pro!

    Learn eight fantastic tips that will help you overcome any fears of presenting to camera – you will learn how to deliver knockout presentations like a professional!

  • Practical Script Writing Formula

    Learn all about how to plan and write scripts for your sales videos, with this easy to follow six step formula. ... And so much more.

If you are serious about making money in your business rapidly and sustainably then you MUST read this book. Marcus knows his craft better than anyone in this industry and has video strategies that are extremely sophisticated and profit based.
John Doe
Mihir Thaker
Executive Coach
The time to use video is now! This book comes loaded to the brim with practical ways to use video marketing. Any business owner will get massive value from this book. Don't miss out!
Charles Vahler
PPC Empire
Marcus is my go-to guy for all things video related. His expertise and advice has been invaluable to my clients. This book is delivered in an easy to read and understand manner. A must have on any book shelf!
Paul Warren
Paul Warren
Entrepreneur | Insiteful
Marcus Seeger really has shared a lot of great strategies in this book. I got some brilliant marketing and technique ideas that I will be able to implement into my marketing plan. I love the way he has focused on video marketing for small business instead of just online businesses. Great book!.
Pam Brossman
CEO, 10 Times #1 Best Selling Author
This practical book is full of actionable strategies and is the ideal guide for anyone looking to get into video marketing!
Robert Coorey,
MBA, Best-selling Author, Feed A Starving Crowd
I have found this book very informative. I am a business owner & have started using social media for marketing. The tips & strategies in this book will enable me to take this marketing platform to another level. We'll done Marcus & I am already putting your tips into practice.
Paul Blake
Finance Consultant, Citiwide Home Loans

Marcus speaks about Video Marketing

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Did you know that 51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the medium with the best Return on Investment (ROI)? [source: copypress.com]

In other words, just over half of all marketers surveyed believe that for every dollar spent on video, the returns outweigh all other forms of marketing. ROI on video is out performing other forms of marketing such as print advertising, public speaking, photography, printed books and ebooks.

There is no doubt that video is effective. Video is also rapidly growing in popularity as we see more opportunities develop with social media. It appears to me that video marketing is coming of age. Video Marketing is The New Black.

  • 74% of all Internet traffic in 2017 will be video. [source: cisco.com]
  • Facebook users watch an average of 1 billion videos per day.
  • 100 hours of video is uploaded every minute to YouTube.
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As an entrepreneur and multiple business owner, I have experienced first hand the challenges and rewards of growing a successful business. It was with my third business, Video Experts, that I discovered a valuable piece of the marketing puzzle – video marketing!

I firmly believe that adding video will make a smart marketing strategy even smarter and help any business rapidly grow - and grow profitably.

This book will guide you through the core strategies, ideas and practical steps to successfully harness the power of video for your business. You will find very little technical jargon but plenty of practical tips and tricks so you can easily create and action your video marketing strategy right away.

In this book, you will find valuable and tangible tools so you too can grow your business with the power of video!

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